Podcast: Eugene Carr, Founder and CEO of Patron Technology

This week, Anthony Cekay of Page4Music.com sits down with Eugene Carr, Founder and CEO of Patron Technology. Founded in 2001, Patron Technology specializes in web-based marketing and consumer-relationship-managmenet. Mr. Carr is the author of four books on e-marketing. A performing cellist, Mr. Carr can be heard  as a resident performer for Congregation B’nai Jeshurun, and with his two-cello group with Jessie Reagen Mann.

Discussion topics include how Patron Technology came to be; where e-marketing is headed in the future; and how streaming video changes everything. The two also discussed how Mr. Carr’s experience at Oberlin College shaped his experiences later in life.

You can listen here:

Click here to learn more about Patron Technology!

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I play the saxophone - soprano and tenor - and specialize in composing jazz and music for strings. Alumnus of U of Louisville (BA) and City College of NY (MA).
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