Page4Music at OPERA AMERICA Conference: Wrap-up

The four days in Boston at OPERA America’s annual conference featured many highlights for me, but the biggest was the sense of excitement around finding new ways to make opera “work.” At the onset of the conference, so many companies seemed to be searching for ways to reach new audiences, to produce more compelling works and to do so in this new economic climate. By the end of the conference, attendees spoke with emboldened phrases about changes they would implement upon their return to their company. Whether those changes will ever see the light of day or have a long-term impact is to be seen, but at the very least, attendees all seem to be moving forward with a better sense of the digital, technological and business climate as it affects the opera world.

Here is a podcast with OPERA America President/CEO Marc A. Scorca:

Click here to download!

Here is a podcast with Kelly Rinne of and

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