Podcast: Michael Daves

In today’s podcast, Anthony Cekay sits down with guitarist Michael Daves. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Michael grew up surrounded by bluegrass music. After studying jazz in college, he found his way back to bluegrass. Today Michael plays a unique guitar style that is a fusion of the two styles. Michael performs at 10:00 PM each Tuesday at Rockwood Music Hall and can also be found performing regularly in collaboration with Chris Thile.

Anthony and Michael discuss his path from college to his life in Brooklyn; theory behind bluegrass singing and some bluegrass history; his collaboration with Chris Thile; and more. You can listen here:

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I play the saxophone - soprano and tenor - and specialize in composing jazz and music for strings. Alumnus of U of Louisville (BA) and City College of NY (MA).
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One Response to Podcast: Michael Daves

  1. Alan says:

    Thank you for a great interview.

    Michael Daves is very much in the tradition of Jimmy Martin: They don’t just sing or perform a song…every time they step up to the microphone, they destroy it.

    Every. Single. Time.

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